This blog is about my attempts at literary suicide (i.e., self-publishing).  I have been writing pretty much non-stop since sophomore year of college, got an MFA from Columbia University, had (in my unbiased opinion) a brilliant first novel published by Harper Perennial, had a lovely West Coast book tour, and was even the inaugural reader at the Google San Francisco office.

But there's a problem.  The traditional publishing industry is dying.  That's not a prediction, it's a blatantly obvious fact.

When I first started writing, self-publishing (or vanity publishing as it used to be called) was the kiss of death for a fiction writer.  Bookstores refused to stock your work, newspapers refused to review you, and "real" publishers would forever blackball you.

But things have changed.

Bookstores have mostly failed and gone out of business.  Newspapers have more or less collapsed.  And, as I just pointed out, "real" publishers are at death's door.  Self-publishing--and electronic publishing in particular--is the future, so I might as well get to it...

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